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Leader of the most powerful army in the heavens, Zacharel has been deemed nearly too dangerous, too ruthless--and if he isn't careful, he'll lose his wings. But this warrior with a heart of ice will not be deterred from his missions at any cost...until a vulnerable human tempts him with a carnal pleasure he's never known before.

Accused of a crime she did not commit, Annabelle Miller has spent four years in an institution for the criminally insane. Demons track her every move, and their king will stop at nothing to have her. Zacharel is her only hope for survival, but is the brutal angel with a touch as hot as hell her salvation--or her ultimate damnation?

She's a mortal with dark powers...

After a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams, Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come: terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person's darkest secrets through a single touch. Leila is doomed to a life of solitude...until creatures of the night kidnap her, forcing her to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world's most infamous vampire...

He's the Prince of Night...

Vlad Tepesh inspired the greatest vampire legend of all—but whatever you do, don't call him Dracula. Vlad's ability to control fire makes him one of the most feared vampires in existence, but his enemies have found a new weapon against him—a beautiful mortal with powers to match his own. When Vlad and Leila meet, however, passion ignites between them, threatening to consume them both. It will take everything that they are to stop an enemy intent on bringing them down in flames.

Jane's not happy. She's been packed off to England to fight in a war when she'd much rather be snogging Anyan. Unfortunately, Jane's enemies have been busy stirring up some major trouble -- the kind that attracts a lot of attention. In other words, they're not making it easy for Jane to get any alone time with the barghest, or to indulge in her penchant for stinky cheese.

Praying she can pull of a Joan of Arc without the whole martyrdom thing, Jane must lead Alfar and halflings alike in a desperate battle to combat an ancient evil. Catapulted into the role of Most Unlikely Hero Ever, Jane also has to fight her own insecurities as well as the doubts of those who don't think she can live up to her new role as Champion.

Along the way, Jane learns that some heroes are born. Some are made. And some are bribed with promises of food and sex

FBI agent Alexis Martin knows that vampires exist—because one of them killed her sister. Assigned to investigate a series of bizarre homicides in Los Angeles, Alexis believes the murders are the work of rogue vampires—perhaps even the monster responsible for her sister’s death. Now she finally has a chance for retribution. Even better, Alexis receives unexpected help from a sexy stranger as hungry for rogue blood as she is.

Serge is a centuries-old bad boy who stays off the grid—keeping his secrets, his hunger, and his heart safe from exposure. A new breed of vampire that feeds off other shadowers, Serge finds sweet torture in Alexis’s arms. Loving her is a chance to be free from the hiding, the loneliness, the secrecy. But the truth about what he is, and what he’s done, may banish him to the dark confines of his own private hell—and destroy the beginnings of their love.

Also in Contemporary Romance 
New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery's newest Fool's Gold story proves that wild hearts cannot be tamed... Horse whisperer Shane Stryker is done with passion. This time around, he's determined to meet someone who will be content with the quiet life of a rancher's wife. And the fiery, pint-size redhead who dazzles him at the local bar definitely does not fit the bill. Small-town librarian Annabelle Weiss has always seen herself as more of a sweetheart than a siren, so she can't understand why Shane keeps pushing her away. Shane has formed the totally wrong impression of her but only he can help her with a special event for the next Fool's Gold festival. And maybe while he's at it, she can convince him to teach her a few things about kissing on hot summer nights, too-some lessons, a girl shouldn't learn from reading a book!

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Darkness Blog Tour

Guess the Vampire Love Scene

The Sex Scene. The pinnacle point in any romance novel. Arguably as important as the first meeting or even the climactic ending, the scene in which our hero and heroine first come together (pun intended) can be one of the most moving scenes in a novel.  Sometimes it’s early on in a novel and the encounter strips bare emotions that the hero or heroine didn’t even know was there. Sometimes it’s further in, when both the emotional investment and stakes of the game have reached a boiling point producing an emotionally charged and passionate scene. And then there are the really good times when you get both :-)  Oh la la...  Elisabeth and I talked about it and decided that we want to share with you a small glimpse into one of our hero and heroines emotionally charged scenes. But, we also wanted to make a tad more fun. So... today we thought it might be fun to play “guess the sex scene.” We’ve gone through and removed all the names and blatant world-build references from the text.  Anyone who hazards a guess which book it’s from will be entered in the giveaway. And if you are our winner and you guessed right, we’ll toss in a little bit of extra swag. 

Excerpt 1:
...The cold air in the bathroom froze her vocal cords. She raised her hand, letting the warmth of her palm seep some heat into her throat. He wouldn’t hurt her. She tried again. “I mean, why did you leave?”
His shoulders lifted and he spun around. He was obscured by the running water and the rippled shower door, but there was no hiding the fact that she’d been right about the state he was in—both his eyes and fangs, and his cock.
She sucked in a breath, forcing her chin up to keep herself from staring. Even distorted by the glass, she could tell he was impressive. Of course, she’d known that, having felt his erection pressing against both her belly and her ass on numerous occasions. And just the memories of those moments were enough to send heat pooling down between her thighs.
“If I let myself go, I’m going to bite you.”
She blinked. Her first thought was would that be so bad? But she quickly tossed that away. Yeah, it would be bad. Worse than the supposed link the marking ceremony might bring, he could flat out control those he’d drank from. It was a legitimate concern. Yet, for some reason she wasn’t concerned.
She took a step forward, her hand unclenching so the sheet dropped to the floor behind her. Completely naked, she closed the distance so she stood inches away and mirrored him through the shower door. “No you won’t.”
He laughed, running his hands down over his face, wincing when the action cut his canines into his lip.
“Oh yeah?” He smiled an evil twisted smile that emphasized the bead of blood forming along the wound. “How do you know that?”
“I just do.” The fact that he was trying to protect her told her as much. She grasped the door handle, yanking it open, then before he could object, she stepped over the lip and into the cold stream of water.
He didn’t attack her, didn’t grab her up either, but quickly gave ground, retreating as far as the five-by-five custom tiled shower would let him.
“It’s cold in here.” She reached out, twisting the knob to the right. She looked over at him, noting that though his hands were both fisted at his sides he was also panting, his eyes locked on her breasts.
She stepped forward. He trembled, so much so that she thought the only thing keeping him up was the tile at his back. Except his cock. His cock was having no problems standing to attention.
And all of a sudden the shower was too hot, even though the water had yet to make it past lukewarm.
Better to not look there. Not if she wanted to keep her nerve.
She desperately wanted to explore that tantalizing piece of flesh though, so she reached out, her fingers tentative as they closed around his throbbing length. Silken velvet over iron. Not grossly long. Well proportioned for his height. But wide, oh so wide.
He sucked in a sharp breath, his cock jerking in her hand as he moaned her name. It sounded like a plea for mercy.
“Trust me, okay?”
“Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?”...

Excerpt 2:

...“Like that?” His voice was a soothing growl in her ear. She may have responded; she may not have. It was hard to say because the circular motion of his thumb on her clit while his fingers plunged in and out of her lit up her nerves and veins like a Christmas tree. A thousand questions and problems banged on the door of her brain, but they faded into white noise as he picked up the pace with his fingers and murmured filthy things in her ear. All the while, her body rushed toward what promised to be the most perfect of free falls.
“Oh, God….” A wholly undignified whine came out when he backed off, slowing the pace just enough to keep her riding the edge without going over. Her fingers combed through the short brush of his dirty blond military haircut and then marched down the back of his neck to grab his arm so she could urge him to pick up the pace. The muscles of his arm bulged and flexed delightfully beneath her fingers.
Firm, velvet lips nuzzled at her cheek. The heat of his tongue seemed to trace over each and every scar on her neck and face, giving them the sort of loving kindness not even she had ever graced them with. Heat and cold shimmied through her.
The cap of one muscular shoulder hovered near enough for her to do a little tasting of her own. his skin was musky and salty and all male, and as the pace of his fingers sped up once again, Her gums throbbed with the lengthening of her fangs. When he paused from his ministrations and his blue-eyed gaze met hers, the swallow and bob of his Adam’s apple pulled her gaze to the frenetic ticking of his pulse like a heat-seeking missile.
Before she realized what she’d done, she had already struck.
She broke apart the second the flavor of his sweet, spicy blood burst on her tongue...

About the Authors

Elisabeth Staab still lives with her nose in a book and at least one foot in a fantasy world. Her bestselling paranormal romance novel, King of Darkness, is available now. Her second book, Prince of Power, releases in January. Find out more at

Tes Hilaire’s idea of a perfect vacation would include her porch on a sultry summer night, a good glass of rich, red wine, and a book about darkness, passion, torture and love. Her first novel in the Paladin warriors series Deliver Me from Darkness is available now. The next, Deliver Me from Temptation, releases in December. For more, visit


A stranger in the night…
He had once been a warrior of the Light, one of the revered Paladin. A protector. But now he lives in sin darkness, and the shadows are his sanctuary. Every day is a struggle to overcome the bloodlust. Especially the day Karissa shows up on his doorstep.

Comes knocking on the door…
She is light and bright and everything beautiful—despite her scratches and torn clothes. Every creature of the night is after her. So is every male Paladin. Because Karissa is the last female of their kind. But she is his. He may not have a soul, but he can’t deny his heart.


Scorned by the vampire community for her lack of power, Isabel Anthony lives a carefree existence masquerading as human—although drifting through the debauched human nightlife, she prefers the patrons' blood to other indulgences. But when she meets the sexy, arrogant king of the vampires, this party-girl's life turns dark and dangerous.

Dead-set on finding the prophesied mate who will unlock his fiery powers, Thad Morgan must find his queen before their race is destroyed. Their enemies are gaining ground, and Thad needs his powers to unite his subjects. But when his search leads him to the defiant Isabel, he wonders if fate had gotten it seriously wrong...


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Ugly Like Me by Nia Shay and Giveaway !!!

Title: Ugly Like Me (Angel Warden Series #1.5)
Author: Nia Shay
Length: 6,400 words

Sub-Genres: Paranormal Romance, M/F, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Urban Fantasy



TAGLINE: The darkness without is nothing compared to the darkness within...





Jandra Maxwell is just beginning to learn the horrifying truth about dark angels. In keeping a promise to an innocent victim, Jandra must face the shadows in her own heart, and accept another facet of her unique nature.

(Author's Note: This short story directly follows the events of Dark Angel's Ward and is not intended to be a standalone title.)




He raised hollow eyes to meet mine. The flames within them dimmed and guttered out. Darkened, they looked like empty sockets in his pallid face. I leaned in close, searching the depths of them for the terror I hoped he felt.
I looked, and I saw…nothing. I stared into the black mirrors of his eyes and found only emptiness, an infinite void in what should have been the windows of his soul. A hunger to grasp something he could never hold, to fill that emptiness inside by any means necessary.
"I know that hunger." The realization struck me so hard, I couldn’t marshal my thoughts in time to keep from projecting it.
He let out a sharp breath in what might have been a scoff. I barely noticed—I was frozen in horrified fascination. The aching chasm in my own heart yawned wide, reflecting the darkness of those eyes as surely as they reflected my own face back at me. I shuddered, hating him, hating myself…
I wrenched my gaze free of his. “I know that hunger.” This time I whispered the words aloud.
“Then sate it.”
I ventured a glance at his chin, muttering, “You’re so eager to die?”
His lips curved up again in that faint, mocking smile. “You have no intention of letting me live. Why shouldn't you enjoy the kill?”



Coming soon to B&, iBooks, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, All Romance eBooks, and more! Check out for more information.



Nia Shay is a reclusive weirdo who lives in a tiny concrete box in the middle of the Arizona desert. (No, seriously.)  In between dealing with mild OCD and an epic caffeine addiction, she finds time to mold the voices in her head into cohesive sarcastic remarks, and sometimes even a story or two. She has been penning such tales, almost all of them with a decidedly paranormal flavor, since the second grade. Now that paranormal fiction is the "in thing," Nia has decided to overcome her extreme distaste for trends and jump on the ol' bandwagon. Join her on her harrowing journey through the twisted corridors of her own mind—that is…if you dare.

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