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Michael D’Angelo, Brethren Protector Exposed!
It’s taken a bit of hustling and fancy footwork, but at long last, Pimpin’ and I have cornered Michael D’Angelo for his first interview ever! And believe me, we won’t let him go until he’s answered all our questions! So sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know our Brethren Protector extraordinaire!

DR: So Michael, we finally got you cornered! (I chuckle.) Pimpin’ and I have been dying to get our hands on you ever since Emma and Hannah appeared over at Kelly Mueller’s place,

MD: Oh, really? Do I need to call Emma for security? (He winks.)

DR: (winks back.) Oh, there’s nothing to be afraid of, Michael. It’s just little ol’ us asking you questions that your fans would like answered.

PR:  Yes Michael (coughs) it’s just us.  Don’t be shy.

MD: I think I can deal with that. I mean, I’m a tough enough guy. I can handle whatever you throw at me.

DR: Well, I’m ready to throw down. How about you, Jo?

PR:  Oh, I am more than ready!

DR: OK, first question, Michael. How long have you been on Earth?

MD: I’ve been here for about 2 millennia now
DR: What time period is your favorite?

MD: Oh, you know it’s gotta be right now, Deena. I couldn’t imagine not having Emma and the kids in my life.
DR: Good answer! No doghouse for you! So, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Boxers or briefs, and what do you wear to bed?

MD: Whoa, you don’t waste any time, do ya? (laughs and shakes head) Well, if you all really must know, I wear boxer briefs during the day, and I wear my wings at night. (winks)

DR: Nice. (smiles and nods approvingly) About those wings, Michael. They set our hearts aflutter in Trinity, so what’s the deal with them? Can you describe what a touch to those wispy tufts of magic do to you?

MD: (coughs) What’s the rating on this place? Hopefully not PG…

PR:  If you look in the left hand corner it is a solid “R”.  Go ahead you’re good.  (Tucks hands under chin. Bats eyes)

MD: All right, well, when Emma touches my wings while we make love, it sends millions of electrical impulses through each and every barb and quill, the nerve endings of my wings, straight to my brain and my “other brain”. Honestly, that woman can bring an orgasm on with those magical hands of hers, I tell ya.

DR: (fans self, eyeing Michael’s wings ) And what if I were to touch them right now?

MD: It would feel mighty fine, but in a “scratch my back” kinda way. Sorry!
DR: (sighs resignedly) That’s okay. I understand. You’ve only got wings for Emma. Anyway, back to the questions. So how do you keep in shape? I mean, really, those abs of yours are killer scrumptious!

MD: (raises his shirt, flexes, and points to his stomach) You mean these bumpy things? I work-out with Emma. For every ten sit-ups I do, I get a kiss. If I do fifty, I get to touch her, if you know what I mean. Guess how many sit-ups I do a day?

DR: I don’t know… a hundred?

MD: How about two hundred fifty or more! Yeah, I like “working out” a lot! Ha ha ha!

DR: Lucky woman, whew! So how’s the balance between Good and Evil been lately?

MD: Well, it’s been relatively quiet lately, but the guys get busy from time to time with minor demonic eruptions. You know, where there’s temptation, there’s bound to be Evil lurking.

DR: How are the other Brethren doing since the showdown earlier this year?

MD: They’re good, they’re good. Except for a couple who Emma and I are keeping an eye on. Nathanael’s always acted a bit different from us. I mean, he’s had a really challenging life on Earth, being in the military world for centuries and now bounty hunting,so maybe that’s just who he is. But Raphael is concerning us. Ever since the last war, he hasn’t been himself, and not working much either. Emma’s gonna talk to him if he keeps putting off his latest mission.

DR: Hmmm. I hope he’s okay. We don’t need to be another Brethren down…

MD: I know, but we’re getting a new Brethren soon. E.L. takes his time, though, with matters such as this so who knows how long it will take.

DR: What’s in the future for the D’Angelo family?

MD: Well, you’ll just have to keep writing to find out, won’t ya?

DR: Oh ho ho! You are a smart one! (laughs) Thanks so much for being such a good sport, Michael! Say hello to Emma for me and kiss the kids…

MD: Sure thing, Deena. Jowanna, thanks for having me over today. Deena may have some pictures of me for you to hang onto if you’d like. (winks)

PR:  I would like VERY much.  Thank you for coming. 

In honor of Michael’s unprecedented appearance, he has brought along a free eBook of TRINITY for one lucky commenter! He’s agreed to take on more questions, so when you ask him a question and include your email address, not only will he answer them personally, you will be entered to win this FREE eBook!

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Good luck to all!
Deena Remiel
Extras! Extras! Here are some pictures Michael left of him, Raphael, and Nathanael for Pimpin’ Reads and her readers! Enjoy…





  1. Hi Michael! Loved your interview. I love an honest man that is not afraid to to be honest! *eyes those wings in a crazy way* Wings are HAWT! What color are they and is Raphael above single? You are so very obviously taken...

    Great interview! Can't wait to read more!!!!

  2. Hello, Mindy... what beautiful eyes you have. *winks* I'm a simple man and would call my wings white, but Emma has called them irridescent pearl and then shakes her head trying to come up with an ample description. She hasn't figured it out yet. So far, Raphael is very much single, to many a woman's dismay. LOL Thanks for stopping by today. It was great to meet you!

  3. Just topping by to how my love :D Great post!

    Leanne xoxox

  4. STOP the presses...hold up... Nathanael is MINE. I called dibs first. Can you tell him I am love struck. xoxo

  5. Jo, I have some news for you! He's got his eye on you, honey! ;)

  6. *blushing. Do you think he could ever want a "pimp" like me? I mean he is an angel and all. A bad ass one, but I am a naughty girl.

  7. You got personality, kid. ;) He likes a woman who's got some oomph to her and not afraid to speak her mind.