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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Saewod (say-wood) Tice {yeah, it’s really my name} and I’m a newly published author of a Young Adult series titled ‘The Chronicles of 2020’.  Book one in the trilogy has just released and as I’ve worked through the process of creating, writing, and publishing a YA book I have come across quite a few discussions and debates surrounding YA Book Ratings.

Early on, when I made the decision to go with young adult, I decided not to ‘fade to black’ or ‘preach’.  Instead, I kept the intimate and sexual instances as true to the life of my hero and heroine as possible.
In ‘The Chronicles of 2020’ series we begin 200 years after the Global Nuclear destruction of 2020. Given this premise, I was challenged to develop the social norms of this new world where only 15% of the Earth’s population still exists.  But at the same time, I had to work not to glorify sexual situations.  It was more difficult a task than I thought it would be in the beginning.  And in the end, I feel I’ve stayed true to the new world while not crossing the fine line.  Though, I’m sure there will be many parents who don’t agree with me.

As a multi-genre author, I will admit that the lines can blur very easily when writing intimate scenes in young adult.  There is a fine line between acceptable reality and explicit. 
So, the questions remain:
·         Should there be a panel of people whom decide the ‘grade’ of content in a book? 
·         If so, who should decide these levels and make the decisions?

I’m not 100% behind the idea of a panel determining labels and slapping them on a book.  To me it’s the author’s responsibility to provide content warnings – if necessary.  And most importantly parents need to be aware of what their children/teens are reading.  There have been too many books banned because some panel or board member somewhere had deemed it unfit for public and/or school libraries.

If a book has become popular in your child’s age range, then be proactive. Check into the book, research it, read it, find out if it’s something you believe your child will be comfortable with.  If it’s a book about a sensitive nature – teen suicide, pregnancy, etc.  Definitely read it and let your child know you are there to answer any questions or talk about the subject.

As a mother, a parent, I understand the need to filter the world where children are concerned and I believe that a parent should play an active role in their child’s reading.  Know the books your child reads – end of story. 
Will my 9 year old daughter be reading my series anytime soon?  Probably not.  She isn’t yet in the young adult range and even as she enters it, I will monitor her maturity level in order to understand the aspects of the book she reads. 

The Young Adult time in life is not all rainbows, sunshine, virgins, and good girls and boys.  In my opinion, the genre should reflect the reality for the world in which it is set.
Where do you draw the line between appropriate and inappropriate?  Have you recently read a YA book lately that has gone too far or held back too much?

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