No Dogs Allowed

What inspired you to write No Dogs Allowed?

What inspired me? To be honest my 'girls' challenged me. A couple of friends~ JoAnne Kenrick, Gracen Miller, and Deena Remiel (Check out their work!) all have 1Night Stand stories, and encouraged me to come to the 'dark-side' with them in the multi-author series. Another friend, Margie Hall helped me complete it by having a writing competition with me. (Sounds weird to some, but its a great motivator!) 
You seem to have a fascination with shifters, what started it?

This will be another weird answer to a normal seeming question! ^-^  As a child I was into the strange and unusual. I loved (and still do) horror movies, Dean Koontz and Stephen King books. Anything that went bump in the night. I was one of those bad kids that would stay up waiting for their parents to go to sleep so they could sneak out into the living room and watch things they weren't normally allowed like The Howling, Christine, and Carrie. That love of the strange and unusual carried over into adulthood. If books are escapes, then why read something about the everyday?
Did you research the Xolo before writing the book?

I actually knew about Xolos from helping my (at the time 8 year old) daughter with an assignment, which is why I chose that. xD But I did do more research into them before completing No Dogs Allowed.They have a really interesting history, and I thought they should be brought to the public's eye, so to speak. A breed that is so ugly its cute, that has an interesting and proud heritage. Besides what a great thing for a character to have to deal with huh? ;) 

Raphael is ultra sexy on your book cover, who designed it?

I really lucked out, to be honest. I got the same designer for both my covers~ Mina Carter. She's so talented at bringing heat to a cover! ^-^ 
Do you know the models name? 

*hangs head* Sadly I don't but I wouldn't mind knowing Raphs name! ^-^ He's a hawtie!
What advise do you have for other authors?
Honestly? Don't give up! If you can only think about writing then write! But ALWAYS keep an open mind and listen to your editors. They're there to help you make your story better. And learn how to self edit, that's a huge part of getting accepted. Take out as many 'bad' words as possible~ was, said, then; watch out for too many words that end in ly; and watch your tense changes and head hops.~ Those are all biggies. 

Kenya. She hadn’t counted on a hotel full of dogs giving her sneezing fits anytime she leaves her room. How can she get in relaxation, or even meet a guy when every one she encounters brings on an allergy attack? 

Desperate and blotchy, she decides to try 1Night Stand. Maybe Madame Eve can set her up with a man who will knock her socks off before she knocks him off his feet? Or at least one she can date without taking a Benadryl. 

Kenya finds herself blown away, in a different way, by handsome, charming, explosively sexy Raphael. But they are worse than apples and oranges—they are cat and dog, a huge problem any day of the week, even if she wasn’t allergic to his type

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  1. Jowanna, the banner you made for Nicole is FABULOUS! Nicole, I loved this story! Thanks for bowing to our pressure! ;)

  2. My perfect one night stand would have to be a night filled with heated passion !! lol.. Gorgus .. tall muscular !!! and smexy !!! what else could a girl want !! Mabye even a guy in uniform !!! Ive already read Snows heat !!! Great post Jo and love your blog !!!! Very sweet !!!!

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