New Release: His Man Saturday

I am please to share with you His Man Friday and the new release His Man Saturday by Siobhan MacKenzie 
David Johnson gets the job of a lifetime when billionaire mogul J. R. Rickman ("Call me Rick") hires him on as his Personal Assistant. In all of the qualifications for the job, Rick prizes one above the rest -- that David be an adventurous man. Rick promises him amazing sites and new experiences. David finds out those adventures don't just come in the boardroom either. David decides that being His Man Friday is a pretty exciting job after all.

Dave Johnson is about to celebrate his third anniversary as J. R. Rickman's Personal Attache and sometime lover. The milestone brings complications, however. To celebrate, Rick names Dave President and CEO of a new holding, bring their relationship to a new level. But Elyssa decides she wants more from her relationship Dave, adding a little more complication to his life. She knows nothing about what really goes on  between the men. Dave is going to have to decide what he really wants from both Rick and Elyssa, and life as His Man Saturday.

“Papa, I have – oh, excuse me.”
The moment I turned my head to see who had joined us, I felt the breath leave my body in one great rush. I know I looked stupid as hell but the sight of the newcomer reduced me to a puddle in a moment. My mouth hung open; I couldn’t look away. 
A vision of Grecian beauty, he reminded me very much of Michelangelo’s David. If I had to guess at his age, I would have put him about around twenty-five or so. His black hair was curly, framing his head like a halo. His face was almost feminine in its beauty with eyes the color of warm chocolate, a strong aquiline nose, and lips that looked full and pouty. He had high cheekbones that added the air of strength to his face. When I allowed myself the ability to look lower, I saw that he was slim and well-toned. His shoulders weren’t huge but they were broad enough to make his waist look small. I wondered what his arse looked like, making a mental image of the perfectly rounded globes. When he turned to close the door, I saw that I was right. 
“My son, Niko -- Nikolos.”
The son took my hand, shaking it with much less vigor than his father had displayed, but Nikolos shook it with no less warmth.
“David…uh, Dave. Call me Dave.”
“I am pleased to meet you, Dave.” His voice was less accented than his father’s, his English flawless. He spoke the next words to Stavros, but his eyes never left mine. “Papa, the mill is fixed; you can lead the tour there tomorrow. It was just a branch got caught in the grinder.”
“Wonderful,” Stavros bellowed.
“Grinder?” I asked.
When Niko smiled, his face lit up with a glow. “Yes, the olives are ground so that we can extract the oil from them.” 
I smiled back. “I look forward to the tour then. I can’t wait to see how this is all done.”
Stavros clapped his hand on my back and laughed. “Good, good. We will take you on tour tomorrow.” With that, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into a bear hug that I thought would break my ribs. Then, he kissed both my cheeks and patted them with his huge hands. “Good, good. Come now, Niko, we must let them rest. He and beautiful woman will need rest before the feast.”
Niko glanced at me with one eyebrow raised. I wasn’t sure what message he was sending but I had a good feeling I knew. How could I send the message back to him that his invitation was welcome? I licked my lower lip, trying to think, but that seemed to be the right one. He nodded, still smiling. 
“Yes, Papa, we will go.” He turned and left the villa without another word.
“Rest well, Mr. Dave. I will send Niko to get you when it is time.

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