Contest:  Free Copy of
First Grave on the Right by Dayrnda Jones
Just leave a comment and follow this page

Since Reyes was so popular last #FF (Fun Friday) in the 

Help!  I'm in love with a fictional character post I thought I would give away a free copy of Daryda Jones

First Grave on the Right. 

I have shamelessly promoted the hell out of this book. 
Why?  Because honestly it is one of the best books I have read in a long time.  It is refreshingly witty and the character Charley (being the Grim Reaper) is something I have not read about in Paranormal Romance.

If you read Fridays post you will find a few quotes from the book.

Now you may be wondering what you need to do to

win BIG (*jazz hands*)

!!!!!  I want to have you do everything !!!!!!

*LOVE my page to death (no pun intended) spreading the word to everyone on Twitter and Facebook.

*You COULD tweet something like.  

Bit$h be Crazy! Free Book Giveaway at Pimpin' Reads @jowannajk @darynda @pickyme

OH.....and I would LOVE for you to follow my page since everyone who comes here apparently suffers from...     FollowMeAphobia.

*Let's see...OH....yeah comment.

  You could comment on who you are in love with.  Like you could say...

.Hey...HO!  I am such and such's Bitch!  from such and such book. 

That would be great.  You could get a point for each thing you do and add them up for me in your comments.  The one who plugged it the most would win by the next #FF (March 11th)  when I will pick another fictional character.

*You COULD also gain points by telling PICKYME (digital artist) How wonderful her illustration of Reyes is.
*Maybe even head over to Darynda's Page and tell her hello.  She is such a nice lady (and I have not even met her yet).
*You COULD check out and LIKE my NEW Facebook page called Pimpin' Reads.  That would make my day!  Honestly it would.

Alas NO!  You don't "have" to do any of that.  Be a follower or commenting is enough only because I have to pick a winner from it.  The rest is up to you.  See how many great people there are out there who would do something nice just for the HELL of it.   It wears my ass out doing all that stuff and trying to keep  up with it just to win a book.  Still you could grab a button for your blog.  Just sayin' ?

*** OPEN Internationally.***

FYI:  Darynda or Pickyme did not ask me to do this.  Nor do I get anything from them.  The book is purchased with my own money.  WHY am I doing it?  Because I am impressed with their work.  They never ask me to like them, and  I do not know them personally.  I just stumbled upon them.  
They are super nice ladies. 

THEY are MEGA talented. 
(they know of each other, but I do not think they know each other)

I personally believe there are "nice" people in this world who would do something nice for somebody just to help them out.  
I want to be one of those people. 
I am not rich by any means. 
I am just a really big FAN, and if I like you.... 
Let's just say I would do just about anything for ya!



  1. Come now Jo you have to share him with us all !!! Im sure he wont mind ** lusty wink ** Great comp btw,, I have spread the love on facebook ** I am kat ** meow !!!! and I already follow Pickme and already told them how hot their pic is !! ** drools ** I already follow Darynda !! Told her I cant wait to read her book and she graciously found me a way to buy her book after I pulled my hair out !! She is lovley !!!! and I have also spread your comp on twitter !!! I am run_with_wolves..
    Love your blog and I must say I agree with you when you find a book you truly love what else is left to but TELL THE WORLD !!!!


  2. oohh and I joined your new facebook page !! love the name btw !!! giggles !!! and I follow you here and harasse you over at facebook ;)

    What life without a few stalkers !!! ;)


  3. Liked that facebook page and you know I have T's pic of Reyes saved waaaay before you posted it here. How could I not- its awesome!

  4. Like the FB page and follow you here, and V has a lot more of THAT to go around, so we be sharing him.

  5. Liked you facebook page and I follow you on twitter. I tweeted about your contest.
    I loved Vishous I've been saying this for a years. And I have to say you have good taste in men.

  6. i liked you on facebook (alice priday)
    i love V!! hes my man lol but you can have him if i can have tohrment :)
    i liked daryndas page on facebook too.
    and i told pickyme how great her talent is :)

  7. Vishous Oh my!!

    Thanks for the chance, this books sounds GREAT!! I'd love read this :)

    Follow you here ;)

  8. I am a FB follower and will check out the other pgs

  9. Don't you know that sharing is caring? Why whon't you share V?

    I'm a FB follower!

  10. (P)impin’ Reads
    (I)mmortals After Dark
    (M)idnight Breed
    (I)ncluding The Vampire Academy
    (N)ight Huntress

    (R)iley Jensen
    (E)especially Lords of the Underworld
    (A)nd the Black Dagger Brotherhood
    (D)ark Hunters & Dream Hunters &
    (S)ookie Stackhouse :)

    - liked u on facebook
    - liked daryndas page on facebook
    - told pickyme how awesome her talent is
    - sent out a tweet
    - i hope i remembered eveything :)

    L Fitz

  11. Too fun! Good luck everyone!

  12. Coolio!! Oh and yeah I love Darynda.. she know :P