HELP! I am in love with a Fictional Character!

Everyone knows by now I have a big crush on Vishous from the
If not look around the blog and you will find him.

Someone, however, has stolen his limelight for at least a little while.

Meet Reyes
Pickyme Version
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He is the love of Charley Davidson and the son of  *SPOILER*  Sorry
But can I pretend for a moment he is MINE.  *Fanning Myself*

He is the creation from the Brilliant mind of {Darynda Jones} my new favorite author.

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This book is not only is hysterical.  I laughed the whole way through.  
*Never knock on death's door.  Ring the doorbell then run.  He totally hates that.-T-Shirt
*First of all...I'm still getting used to all this, Miss Piss and Vinegar.  Give me a little time.- Garrett 
*Is a frogs ass water tight?- Charley
*He pried one of my hands off his shirt and led it down his pants to cover his *bleep*
*Cause let me tell you sweetheart if that was possession, I'm selling my soul-Cookie
*Guys have feelings, too. But like...Who cares? -Inspirational Poster
*You are about as inconspicuous as a monster truck at an erotic car show-Charley
*Dead thirteen year old gangbangers were so moody-Charley
*Poltergeist are just pissed off dead people-Charley
I could go on and on but I will stop short of writing the book.
 Darynda has just published a short story and it is *FREE*


So what do we have to look forward to?

Second Grave on the Left 
August 16, 2011 Release Date

Third Grave Dead Ahead
Stolen from Darynda site.  Please Visit


  1. Woot! So in love with this series... and well, Reyes told me to make him ultra sexy :P..

  2. Reyes, or Jericho Barrons? What an impossible choice! My solution is to Grab BOTH! OMG I'm in love and lust with 2 fictional characters.

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  4. I love Reyes as my favorite LOTU character, and I hate to have to pick anybody to be with, though looking at T's picture makes it hard. Tegan from Midnight Breeds has always been a constant in my soul.

  5. Cant wait to read this one :) Jo JO !!!! So I can go through the same thing you are !! and be infacuated with another fictional character !!!!

    Kat !! meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he sure is a hotty !