Iron Crowned Review with a Twist

I was thinking in my own warped mind this morning how anyone can do a book review.  Sure, some write better then others, but really in the end it is just a synopsis of the book, and an opinion.  Anyone can do that right?  Of course, everyone has their own unique personality that they add that makes them a little extra special.  That's when I decided why not just let my warped mind take over.  This is how I think. (honest to god this is how my mind works) Why?  I have no idea, but maybe you can play along with me.  Whatever, this blog is really just for $hit$ and giggles anyway.
1st off.  A brief explanation because my family member says not everyone can understand my mind.  I have  a really bad habit of connecting anything in life with a song, video, tv program, movie etc.  Especially anything that I have found particularly amusing.  You may get the idea.   So at each stage of the book for some reason my mind will go to these files that exist in my brain.  Henceforth, the book review with a twist was born.
At each section of the book just watch the video.  You don't have to view all of it to get the idea, but if you think it is funny you may want too.  Be sure to SCROLL.  Maybe if I get my old laptop fixed I can shorten the clips.  Which would be more fun. 

Enjoy the ride minions!
 I am giving this book 4 out of 4 videos.  Maybe an occasional long book could get 5.

So this was how I was feeling at the beginning of the book!

In the middle of the book I felt like this! 
I even felt the need to comment to Mrs. Richelle herself.  

Three fourths of the way through.  (Bare with me now!)

Wait for it...Here is what it left me with

 Oh my god!  You get the idea.  At some point I probably convulsed, an everything in me wanted to FB & Twitter the ending.  Oh well, You will have to find out for yourself what is happening with Eugenie, Kiyo and Dorian.  
Happy Reading! 

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